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Hello everyone! First I would like to wish good luck for all competitors here! Have a good ideas and fun. I'm going to make a full 3d scene which show a summer rain on the city street. This kind of moment when rain still falling down but the sun also shining. This special mood of some summer days. As always I'll try achieve the light and all phenomenons in full 3d scene. Thanks for viewing! Best regards Neb First reference images: 126918126915126916126917 MY FINAL ENRTY: Software: Modo 701, Cinema 4D R15, Maxwell, Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Red Giant Photo Looks Textures: CG Textures, Arroway Models: Evermotion Archmodels, CG Axis, Dosh Design, Onyx Tree Generator Photos: Shutterstock At the beginig of the Challenge my main goal was to create a specific summer rain scene. Sometimes in the summer a warm short rain falls with big raindrops and at the end during that the sun breaks through the clouds. I was trying to achieve that kind of moment and mood. Additionaly I've decided to make a something different like motion blur rain effect and try to stop in motion a raindrops on the way from sky to the ground. Something similiar to fast shutter speed photography like in my reference photos. To emphasize that style I've decided to add to my scene jumping dog which is "frozen" on air. I made effects in 3d and try to keep my way to do as more as possible inside virtual 3d scene. About the picture. Maybe it's a one of the last days of summer vacations ? I would like to say thanks for all competitors and visitors of the entire Challenge. Good luck! Final TIFF version: Final maximum quality JPG version: 129623

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