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Hallo everybody. In this section you can post every kind of 3d works without visualization / architectural works. Every threads that aren't up to this will be moved or deleted and users who don't follow this rules will receive warning. Remember that users who post their works want some comments & critics that will help them in future. So users who post only comments like "super" "extra" "great job" very often will receive warning. If this is just because you don't speak English very good try to use some dictionaries to build compound sentences. Using abusive words is banned. So when you will use it you can also be banned. You can be banned for receiving 3 warning. Beginner : your first post or thread will not automatically appear in the Evermotion forum - it must first be validated by a moderators or Administrators This forum is international so please use English only!!! From now On (29_01_2010)I will remove posts written in any other language. This is not a sort of discrimination, the reason for this is more and more insulting posts in other then English language. Want a help? Send email to admin: +++++ michal +++++ at +++++ With regards, Evermotion Team

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