Evermotion Rendering Competition


Eileen & Frank Modular Luxury Furniture

Eileen&Frank is a novel luxury-class modular shelf system designed for AANDRES by Andy Andresen. A modern shelf unit with classical characteristics, Eileen&Frankconsists of perfectly assimilated individual elements. When buying Eileen&Frank, you acquire a time- and ageless modular system of premium quality for the areas of living and furnishing. The small number of well-thought-out modules enables you to quickly and variably put aesthetic and functional solutions into practice. Elements with perfectly regraded heights and widths can be combined in many different ways, and it is possible to produce them in special dimensions at any time. It's forms and shapes are light and reserved. By purpose, all its visible surface areas and edges are designed in a very narrow shape which gives an impression of lightness. Its perfect construction, however, makes it very stable and even allows high burdens to be placed on it.


  1. Duration of the challenge Commencing - 1th June 2010 Finishing on - 1st of August 2010 GMT +2
  2. The subject of this competition is create visualization using AANDRES furniture models (see this link). This link contains 3dsmax 2008 sample model of a middle sized shelf system and jpg with all the sizes. It is allowed to use your own model of this system, it is not allowed to use other materials then in the attached models!
  3. Suggested theme choices:
    • Render a library using the system but only wood surfaces
    • Render a kitchen using the system and integrate kitchen appliances
    • Render a media room/home theater using the system and stereo appliances
    • Render a hotel entrance hall using the system in any configuration
    • Render a free shop interior design using the system in any configuration
    • Free submitting
    PLEASE VISIT http://www.aandres.com/bilder/ for more reference.
    You can also see example of interior scene in this images:
    First example
    Second example
  4. You are encouraged to post on the CHALLENGES forum as many WIP images as you can. The minimum requirement is to submit an image for each of these milestones – Concept Sketch or reference photo, Modeling, Texturing, Lighting and Rendering Post Effects and Composting, Final Image..
  5. Enter the Challenge by registering yourself on Evermotion forum: Register here
  6. Post your wips by making a new thread in CHALANGES, AANDRES competitions section: Competition section on Evermotion forum
  7. You can use every 3D software you want, post processing inside Photoshop or other 2D software are allowed.
  8. Multiple entries are not allowed but you can post up to three different camera angles for one scene (closeups for example)
  9. The work you submit to this Challenge must be your own personal works, groups and companies are not allowed.
  10. Hosting WIP images on other servers than evermotion is not allowed
  11. Hosting final entries on other servers then evermotion is allowed
  12. Using of premade models is allowed
  13. Using licensed models and textures is allowed but you must credit everything you use.
  14. Submit your final entry before the close of the challenge (to avoid the last-minute rush - get your entry in early).
  15. Final submission resolution should be not lower then 1600px in the longest edge
  16. Final submission should have attached this blank info line:
  17. 3 winners will be chosen by Judge team. You can find their names on the bottom of this site.
  18. Final images submitted after 1st of August 2010 will not participate in the judging stage.
  19. To be qualified WIP (Work In Progress) images must have been submitted during the Challenge.
  20. Employees of sponsors cannot enter this challenge.
  21. Any imaging deemed to contain content that depicts explicit acts that are overtly violent, sexual, cruel or brutal will be disqualified.
  22. You must not publish the work during the Challenge outside the dedicated forum, you can link to it if you like.
  23. The sponsors of this Challenge may use short-listed and winning artwork for marketing purposes in the context of the Challenge.
  24. The sponsors agree to clearly credit the artist if any of his artwork is used.
  25. Artists may to use the images created for personal promotion.
  26. If you do not agree with any of the above rules, please do not enter the Challenge.


  • 1st place
    • Apple MacBook Pro 15"valued at US $1799.00
      2.4GHz Intel Core i5 processor
      320GB 5400-rpm hard drive
      Intel HD Graphics
      NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M graphics processor with 256MB GDDR3 memory.

    • 25 collections to chose from (archmodels from 1 to 72, archinteriors from 1 to 18, archexteriors frm 1 to 11)
  • 2nd place
    • Aandres Frank 55_2_1, valued at US $1299.00 Container on wheels, color Oriental mint

    • 15 collections to chose from (archmodels from 1 to 72, archinteriors from 1 to 18, archexteriors frm 1 to 11)
  • 3rd place
    • Apple iPad, valued at US $729.00 Wi-Fi and 3G, 32 GB

    • 5 collections to chose from (archmodels from 1 to 72, archinteriors from 1 to 18, archexteriors frm 1 to 11)


  • Andy Andresen - AANDRES Owner Andy Andresen
  • Krzystof Kundzicz - Evermotion Owner Krzysztof Kundzicz
  • Adam Kozłowski - Evermotion Owner Adam Kozłowski
  • Kuba Dabrowski - Evermotion Cg artist Kuba Dabrowski
  • Adam Guzowski - Evermotion Cg artist Adam Guzowski

  • ul. Przedzalniana 8, 15-688 Bialystok, POLAND