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The preview video of our collection of fruits and vegetables

Archmodels vol. 130 is the first such a complete collection of fruit and vegetable 3D models, available on the market. Not only is it unique because of a number of models in the collection, but also because of its quality. See the video with presentation of collection:
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You can buy Archmodels vol. 130 in Evermotion shop. Until 2nd of July collection is sold in preorder for only 90 euro. After this date Archmodels vol. 130 will be available for 120 euro. For individual models prices start from 10 euro. Individual models will be available after 2nd of July.
Keep reading - we have a gift for You at the end of this article! :)

Collection contains 44 3D models of fruits, vegetables, herbs, mushrooms and spices. Each kind of fruit or vegetable is presented as a whole and sliced.
Models can be used in architectural visualizations, animations, film productions, packshots, online and paper publications.
On average, one set of models weights about 400 000 polys. The highest polycount is about 2 million, the lowest about 7 000 polys.
In addition, bump, normal and specular maps help to emphasize the finest details. In many cases we also modelled separately the smallest elements, such as seeds in strawberries, hair in raspberries or waterdrops on tomatoes.
Photorealism of the Archmodels vol. 130 collection has been also achieved thanks to high resolution, seamless textures, from about 1 to 4k. Maps has been painted from scratch or on a photo base.
In the collection we used advanced materials. We based mostly on subsurface scattering shader, to correctly simulate light behaviour. The easiest way to observe this phenomenon is to look at the fruit against the light.

We painted textures directly onto 3D model. This way we avoided seams.
On the occasion of launching Evermotion Archmodels vol. 130 we give You a 3d model of little Boxelder Bug that can be seen on raspberries in the beginning of our presentation video. The model is textured and rigged, ready to animate! :)
Have fun!
Evermotion Team.


Author: Michał Franczak Editor: dr_After
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